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Passing of RWB Carl Terry

It is with tremendous sadness that we share the news of the passing of Right Worshipful Brother Carl Terry. RWB Terry was a larger than life figure in the Masonic community. He touched the lives of countless Freemasons through his many years of service to the craft. He conferred or assisted in the degree work of literally hundreds of Brothers through the course of his Masonic life.

Many Masons may not remember all the details of their degree work, but any who were lucky enough to receive it from RWB Terry will remember the attention he paid to them as he would recite to them his trademark poem “A Mason and a Man” and would share a special Masonic penny to provide them with their first item related to the fraternity. All whose lives he touched came away with a greater respect for our fraternity and better understanding of the meaning of being a Freemason.

RWB Terry was a member and Past Master of several lodges including Sheffield Lodge #625. He also served the Grand Lodge of Missouri as District Deputy Grand Master from 1992 to 1995 and District Deputy Grand Lecturer from 1997 to 1999.

We had the pleasure of engaging with RWB Terry recently on the occasion of his 90th birthday. Sheffield Lodge was conferring a third degree at a special meeting, and RWB Terry asked if he could join in the ceremonies and help with the degree work. He led the second section of the degree with precision and perfection, with an energy that belied his physical age.

Please join us in keeping RWB Terry’s family in our prayers.

Services for RWB Terry will be on Wednesday, April 3, 2019, at Park Lawn Funeral Home. Visitation will be from 1-2pm with Masonic services at 2pm.

Message from the Worshipful Master – September 8, 2018


As I prepare this message, which will be my final communication as the Master of your lodge, I look back on a successful and eventful lodge year.

One year ago today I was honored to be installed as Worshipful Master of your lodge. It was a year that began with much enthusiasm and optimism, and those emotions have proven to have been well warranted.

Our lodge has grown in the past year. We have raised three new Master Masons, accepted one new member by transfer and two new members by plural membership. This is the largest membership increase for Sheffield Lodge in a number of years.

In addition to welcoming our new members the lodge was active in a variety of events. We hosted a district school of instruction. We co-hosted a successful MoChip event with three other lodges. Along with Kansas City Lodge #220 we co-hosted a Chance To Advance event. Sheffield Lodge also completed our annual public event in support of Great Plains SPCA at one of their Mega Adoptions events.

I would like to take a moment to thank the officers who served Sheffield Lodge No. 625 this year: Senior Warden WB Laurent Emile-Ergas, Junior Warden WB Steven Holbrook, Secretary RWB Cecil Wagers, Treasurer WB Richard Wright, Senior Deacon WB Bruce Olds, Junior Deacon Derrick Clausen and our unofficial Tiler WB Frank Kaffenberger. Your dedication and service to the members of Sheffield Lodge is greatly appreciated.

As I prepare to turn over the Master’s gavel to our new Worshipful Master, WB Steven Holbrook, I look back with pride at a successful year, and take comfort in knowing that Sheffield Lodge continues to be a strong and vibrant organization. I wish WB Steven and the 2018-19 officers and members the very best for this coming year.

Rick Kingcade
Worshipful Master

Message from the Worshipful Master – July 14, 2018


Although our lodge is “dark” in July and August we have no shortage of news and happenings to share.

Lodge Business:
On June 14th your lodge elected the slate of officers to serve for the ensuing lodge year. WB Steven Holbrook was elected to serve as Worshipful Master, WB Rick Kingcade as Senior Warden, WB Aaron Rose as Junior Warden, WB Cary Marshall as Treasurer and RWB Cecil Wagers was re-elected to serve as Secretary.

WB Steven Holbrook, our Worshipful Master-Elect has scheduled our officer installation for Saturday, September 8th, at 2:00pm. Our annual Past Masters dinner will follow the event.

New Members:
At our last stated communication in June we were pleased to accept Brother Ron Woody as a member of Sheffield Lodge #625. Br. Woody joins us by transferring from Temple Gate Lodge #299, as our meeting schedule is more amenable to his personal schedule. Also of note is that Br. Woody’s son, Brother Shawn Woody is also a member of our lodge.

Lodge Events:
On June 24th we held our first annual Festive Board, or dinner in honor of St. John’s Day. This event was attended by members of both Sheffield Lodge #625 and Kansas City Lodge #220 and was held in the Tiffany Ballroom. The meal was tremendous and the evening was very entertaining and informative. We plan to continue this event annually.

Special Committee:
The special committee that was formed to investigate a possible lodge consolidation with Kansas City Lodge #220 has determined that it is the preference of our members not to proceed with such an activity at this time. The group agreed to continue to partner with Kansas City Lodge for social and Masonic events and to keep lines of communications open for the future. I would like to thank the members of this committee, WB Aaron Rose, WB Bruce Olds and RWB Cecil Wagers for their time and dedication in conducting this activity.

Public Service Event:
On Saturday, July 14th we held our annual “Dogs for Dogs” event, serving lunch to the volunteers and visitors at Great Plains SPCA’s Independence campus. This event is always well received and appreciated and this year continued that tradition. Nine members of the Sheffield family participated and helped make this event a tremendous success. Thank you to all who participated!

Degree Work:
In partnership with Kansas City Lodge #220, Sheffield Lodge will host a Chance to Advance (C2A) class on Saturday, August 25th, at the historic Kansas City Masonic Temple, 903 Harrison Street. The event will be open to all lodges who would like to enroll Entered Apprentices or Fellowcrafts to complete their degree work. Interested lodges should contact RWB Cecil Wagers for information.

Brethren, although our lodge does not meet in July or August, we cannot take a vacation from the principles and practices that we are obligated to fulfill as Freemasons. As you hopefully enjoy a safe and happy summer please keep in the forefront of your mind the tenants and cardinal virtues that make our fraternity special.

I hope everyone has an enjoyable summer. We look forward to seeing you at lodge events in the coming months and again in the new lodge year.


Rick Kingcade
Worshipful Master

Message from the Worshipful Master – June 5, 2018


Please allow me to provide you an update of activities at your lodge. The members of Sheffield Lodge have been busy as we head into summer.

On May 5, we co-hosted a MoChip child identification event with three other lodges. It was a busy day with over 65 children in attendance. Thank you to all of the brothers and families who joined us to assist for this important event.

On Saturday, May 12 we held a special communication and raised two new Master Masons. It was a great event and we were honored to welcome RWB Carl Terry, a past master of Sheffield Lodge, who celebrated his 90th birthday by welcoming two men into Freemasonry.

Five members of Sheffield Lodge traveled to Sedalia, Missouri on Saturday, June 2 to attend and assist with the Grand Master’s Chance to Advance (C2A) class. We assisted in raising 15 new brothers.

The special investigative committee that was appointed to discuss possible lodge consolidation with Kansas City Lodge #220 has continued to meet. At this time they have identified some obstacles to such a consolidation and we may put the topic on the back burner for now. However, the committees from both lodges believe it is worthwhile to continue to pursue activities together, such as joint participation in social and civic events and attendance at each other’s stated meetings. As Freemasons we need to actively assist and help one another, and this includes across lodge lines.

To that end, the committee has established a Festive Board, or joint dinner, to be conducted in observance with St. John’s day on June 24th. This dinner will be held at 6:00pm at the Historic Kansas City Masonic Temple and is open to all members of both Sheffield Lodge #625 and Kansas City Lodge #220.

At our stated communication on Thursday, June 14th we will have our annual election of officers. Please plan to attend and help us choose the officers who will lead your lodge for the coming year. As we do not meet in July or August, the new officers are installed in early September so they can be in place before the annual communication of Grand Lodge.

Rick Kingcade
Worshipful Master

Message from the Worshipful Master – April 28, 2018


I am pleased to provide you an update on the happenings at Sheffield Lodge #625. It has been a busy period for the lodge.

Our membership has been growing. We have recently raised one new Master Mason and have two brothers in the degree of Fellowcraft. We will be holding a special meeting on Saturday, May 12th to confer the third degree for both of these individuals. Breakfast will be served at 7am with lodge opening at 8am. We highly encourage all members and interested brothers to join us to help make this a special event for our newest brothers.

Sheffield Lodge will be co-sponsoring a MoChip event on Saturday, May 5th at I Heart Independence Day at The Church of the Three Trails located at 1229 W. 31st Street in Independence. We are conducting this event in connection with Mt. Washington Lodge #614, Blue Springs Lodge #337 and Independence Lodge #76. We could use all available help for this event. Come out and help us provide protection to children and families. Setup begins at 9am and the event is from 10am to 3pm.

We have sponsored a paver brick in the reflection garden at the Grand Lodge complex in Columbia, with proceeds from the sponsorship going to the Masonic Home. If you ever have the chance to visit this beautiful area please be on the lookout for the stone which commemorates Sheffield Lodge.

As you are aware, many lodges have been challenged for some time with declining membership, competition for the interests of our members and inability to find the resources, either in people or finances to perform the good works we are accustomed to. In that regard Sheffield Lodge recently received an inquiry from members of Kansas City Lodge #220 to determine if there was any interest in a possible lodge consolidation. The inquiry was discussed informally at a stated communication and there was enough interest that a special investigative committee was appointed, consisting of WB Aaron Rose as Chairman with RWB Cecil Wagers and WB Bruce Olds. This group has had one meeting with a similar committee from Kansas City Lodge and continue to engage in discussions.

I want to stress that no decision has been made and that no action will be taken in the future without due notice, significant discussion and a decision of the membership. This is only a preliminary discussion to determine if such a combination would make sense and to determine the positives and negatives associated with it. We will provide additional information as the committee continues its work.

As stated previously, we have changed our schedule on meeting nights to have our meal before our communication. We now eat around 6:30pm in the Tiffany Ballroom with the lodge meeting beginning at 7:00pm. We usually retire again to the Tiffany Ballroom again after the meeting for dessert, fellowship and hearty discussion. We would love to see more members and brothers join us for dinner, fellowship and our meetings.


Rick Kingcade
Worshipful Master