On July 11, 1912 Sheffield Lodge number 625 was granted dispensation from the Grand Lodge of Ancient Free and Accepted Masons of Missouri to form a lodge in the area of 6807 Independence Road. The lodge was largely organized through the efforts of Dr. Richard Callagham who saw the need for such an institution in the Blue Valley District. The charter was granted September 25, 1912. On October 17, 1912 the hall was dedicated and the officers were installed by Right Worshipful Brother William T. Jamison. The inaugural slate of Officers were installed as follows:

Brother Robert J. Sloan, Master
Brother C.A. Lester, Senior Warden
Brother W.A. Snider, Junior Warden
Brother C.A. Holcer, Secretary
Brother P.W. Davis Treasurer
Brother B.R. Dial, Senior Deacon
Brother Lon Firestone, Junior Deacon
Brother J.W. Mayden, Senior Steward
Brother C.E. Erikson, Junior Steward
Brother T.H. Cordon, Chaplain

A recommendation was made to appoint a committee to look into a site to build a new temple building. Brothers Hall, Carman, and Dial were appointed. This committee found the site at the corner of Perry and Belmont and a lodge building was constructed, where Sheffield would reside until 2009, when the membership decided to relocate.

Sheffield from its early inception has been a mixing bowl of business men, blue collar workers, professionals, and men from all walks of life with one common goal of improving their lives and the lives of their community. Some of the professions of the founding members included doctors, jewelers, insurance salesmen, real estate brokers, grocers, coal and ice salesman (depending on the season), mailman railroad clerk, and police officers. Of course we would be remiss not to mention the strong heritage of Missouri Pacific Railroad, Sheffield Steel, Yellow Freight, TWA, and Ford Auto Assembly workers that have entwined their legacy to our hall.

Sheffield has always been dedicated to the work of the craft. In fact during a called “Special” meeting in 1924 which started at 12:01 a.m. 31 Fellow Crafts were made Master Masons. This feat took over 24 hours to accomplish and knowing the legacy of the work performed by the Brethren of Sheffield it is certain that each one was performed very well if not letter perfect.

The Craft has always been more than the rote recitation of ritual and conferring degrees. Sheffield members understand this. Through mentoring programs, community outreach, and Masonic Fellowship Sheffield Lodge creates a place were good men truly become better men, leaders, and mentors.