Message from the Worshipful Master – July 14, 2018


Although our lodge is “dark” in July and August we have no shortage of news and happenings to share.

Lodge Business:
On June 14th your lodge elected the slate of officers to serve for the ensuing lodge year. WB Steven Holbrook was elected to serve as Worshipful Master, WB Rick Kingcade as Senior Warden, WB Aaron Rose as Junior Warden, WB Cary Marshall as Treasurer and RWB Cecil Wagers was re-elected to serve as Secretary.

WB Steven Holbrook, our Worshipful Master-Elect has scheduled our officer installation for Saturday, September 8th, at 2:00pm. Our annual Past Masters dinner will follow the event.

New Members:
At our last stated communication in June we were pleased to accept Brother Ron Woody as a member of Sheffield Lodge #625. Br. Woody joins us by transferring from Temple Gate Lodge #299, as our meeting schedule is more amenable to his personal schedule. Also of note is that Br. Woody’s son, Brother Shawn Woody is also a member of our lodge.

Lodge Events:
On June 24th we held our first annual Festive Board, or dinner in honor of St. John’s Day. This event was attended by members of both Sheffield Lodge #625 and Kansas City Lodge #220 and was held in the Tiffany Ballroom. The meal was tremendous and the evening was very entertaining and informative. We plan to continue this event annually.

Special Committee:
The special committee that was formed to investigate a possible lodge consolidation with Kansas City Lodge #220 has determined that it is the preference of our members not to proceed with such an activity at this time. The group agreed to continue to partner with Kansas City Lodge for social and Masonic events and to keep lines of communications open for the future. I would like to thank the members of this committee, WB Aaron Rose, WB Bruce Olds and RWB Cecil Wagers for their time and dedication in conducting this activity.

Public Service Event:
On Saturday, July 14th we held our annual “Dogs for Dogs” event, serving lunch to the volunteers and visitors at Great Plains SPCA’s Independence campus. This event is always well received and appreciated and this year continued that tradition. Nine members of the Sheffield family participated and helped make this event a tremendous success. Thank you to all who participated!

Degree Work:
In partnership with Kansas City Lodge #220, Sheffield Lodge will host a Chance to Advance (C2A) class on Saturday, August 25th, at the historic Kansas City Masonic Temple, 903 Harrison Street. The event will be open to all lodges who would like to enroll Entered Apprentices or Fellowcrafts to complete their degree work. Interested lodges should contact RWB Cecil Wagers for information.

Brethren, although our lodge does not meet in July or August, we cannot take a vacation from the principles and practices that we are obligated to fulfill as Freemasons. As you hopefully enjoy a safe and happy summer please keep in the forefront of your mind the tenants and cardinal virtues that make our fraternity special.

I hope everyone has an enjoyable summer. We look forward to seeing you at lodge events in the coming months and again in the new lodge year.


Rick Kingcade
Worshipful Master