Message from the Worshipful Master – October 4, 2017

Greetings Brethren,

As the Trestleboard is designed as a forum for the current Master to provide our members with news of the happenings in the Lodge, I am pleased provide the latest update.

Sheffield Lodge has recently received and approved petitions for two brothers to join our ranks through dual membership and is currently investigating one petition for the degrees. We hope this is the start of a trend, as an active, growing membership base is the foundation of a successful lodge. If you know of anyone interested in the mysteries of Freemasonry, please encourage them to check out our website where they can learn more and can express interest in becoming a Freemason.

Members of Sheffield Lodge recently attended officer installation ceremonies at Kansas City Lodge #220, Belton-Grandview Lodge #450, Temple Gate Lodge #299 and Raytown Lodge #391, where good fellowship was enjoyed by all.

After the summer lull the fall season is now in full swing, which means it is time for the annual 18th District Lodges of Instruction. These sessions are hosted by our own Secretary RWB Cecil Wagers, who serves as District Deputy Grand Master, and will be taught by RWB Dennis Spears, our District Deputy Grand Lecturer. The schedule is posted below. We encourage all officers and members to attend these lodges, particularly the session being hosted by our lodge. A good turnout not only helps to keep our brethren sharp with ritual, but it represents Sheffield Lodge well within the Masonic community.

10/18 Alpha Lodge #659, 2121 Gentry, North Kansas City MO
10/25 Sheffield Lodge #625, 903 Harrison, Kansas City, MO
11/01 East Gate Lodge #630, 3516 Blue Ridge Cutoff, Kansas City, MO
11/08 Kansas City Lodge #220, 1330 E. Linwood, Kansas City, MO
11/15 Temple Gate Lodge #299, 903 Harrison, Kansas City, MO

All schools of instruction will begin at 7:00pm. We hope to see a good showing from our lodge.

We have moved full speed ahead into the new lodge year. Your audit committee has completed an audit of the finances of the lodge and determined all is in good order. The budget committee has established the budget for the year, which was approved by the members at the last stated communication.

Worshipful Brother Cary Marshall is spearheading an effort to contact all members who are listed as due for service recognition pins from 25-year all the way up to 65-year, to determine if they have received them and if they would like to do so. Stay tuned as we may have a number of service recognition ceremonies upcoming in the near future.

In conclusion, I would like to remind each Brother of Sheffield Lodge that member participation is the lifeblood of our fraternity. We need our members to attend meetings and participate in order to assure our organization remains active and vibrant. Thank you to those who make the effort to attend regularly. To those that don’t, we would love to see you at one of our stated communications, which are on the 2nd and 4th Thursdays of each month at 7:00pm. We have a light meal after. If you have transportation issues please contact our Secretary or myself and we can help arrange a ride to lodge. We’d love to see you!

Rick Kingcade
Worshipful Master