Message from the Worshipful Master – September 8, 2018


As I prepare this message, which will be my final communication as the Master of your lodge, I look back on a successful and eventful lodge year.

One year ago today I was honored to be installed as Worshipful Master of your lodge. It was a year that began with much enthusiasm and optimism, and those emotions have proven to have been well warranted.

Our lodge has grown in the past year. We have raised three new Master Masons, accepted one new member by transfer and two new members by plural membership. This is the largest membership increase for Sheffield Lodge in a number of years.

In addition to welcoming our new members the lodge was active in a variety of events. We hosted a district school of instruction. We co-hosted a successful MoChip event with three other lodges. Along with Kansas City Lodge #220 we co-hosted a Chance To Advance event. Sheffield Lodge also completed our annual public event in support of Great Plains SPCA at one of their Mega Adoptions events.

I would like to take a moment to thank the officers who served Sheffield Lodge No. 625 this year: Senior Warden WB Laurent Emile-Ergas, Junior Warden WB Steven Holbrook, Secretary RWB Cecil Wagers, Treasurer WB Richard Wright, Senior Deacon WB Bruce Olds, Junior Deacon Derrick Clausen and our unofficial Tiler WB Frank Kaffenberger. Your dedication and service to the members of Sheffield Lodge is greatly appreciated.

As I prepare to turn over the Master’s gavel to our new Worshipful Master, WB Steven Holbrook, I look back with pride at a successful year, and take comfort in knowing that Sheffield Lodge continues to be a strong and vibrant organization. I wish WB Steven and the 2018-19 officers and members the very best for this coming year.

Rick Kingcade
Worshipful Master